Soto Rejects Us $ 440 Million And They Are Studying To Change It

Soto Rejects US $ 440 Million And They Are Studying To Change It

In February, the Washington Nationals provided Dominican slugger Juan Soto $ 350 million for the next 13 seasons of the Dominican Republic, but Dominican outfielders refused to do so.

As reported by ESPN’s Enrique Rojas, there was an offer on this occasion that the contract extension would be effective as of 2022 and would be paid in full without a deferral fee. That amount was about $ 27 million a year and ended when he was 36. His second offer was 440 in 15 years.

According to the athletic website, after the star outfielder declined a recent long-term offer, the refusal prompted public reaction that he was willing to listen to Soto’s offer.


Soto reportedly declined $ 440 million, a 15-year offer to qualify as a free agent since the 2024 season.

The decision to ask about the possibility of Soto’s deal would represent a change in the Nationals’ plans after baseball president and general manager Mike Rizzo said last month that the team wouldn’t move the 23-year-old star. ..

“We are not going to trade with Juan Soto,” Rizzo told 106.7 fans on June 1. “We revealed it to his agents and players.”

However, according to Athletics, some Nationals officials no longer believe they can sign a long-term contract with Soto.

Expected returns on Soto trade will spur the rebuilding of the people.

They are heading into the three-game losing streak season after sitting at the end of the 14½ game at the NL East this season at 30-62 and winning the 2019 World Series.

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