South Carolina Chooses Its Democratic Presidential Candidate

Columbia, South Carolina – The Democratic Party’s primary elections opened today, Saturday, until 7:00 p.m. Local time in South Carolina.

There are a dozen candidates, although after the preparation of the ballots some abandoned the contest.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he trusts his victory in a state where he has influential relationships and leads the most recent polls. It would be Biden’s first victory in a primary after four attempts to reach the White House.


Biden said “the greater the victory, the greater the jump” in the polls. But visiting one of the elections in Greenville, South Carolina, he said he does not need to win by a large margin to eventually reach Sanders, who leads in number of delegates.

“I don’t think it’s over even after Super Tuesday,” next Tuesday, when voting in 15 jurisdictions. “I think it will be resolved in the states where I am sure I have an advantage.”

In South Carolina, Republicans, who do not hold primaries there, are free to vote in the Democratic internal election.

On Friday night, President Donald Trump held an act in North Charleston in which he asked his followers which would be the best Democratic opponent for him in the November elections: Biden or Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders heads the primary after the first four states, but many consider it a risky option because he presents himself as a social democrat. Biden is a moderate who won praise as vice president of Barack Obama, but does not arouse as much enthusiasm as Sanders.

In the act, a large part of the crowd chanted the name of Sanders and booed Biden, and Trump agreed: “I think it’s easier to beat Bernie.”

Some Republican leaders have encouraged their voters to participate in the Democratic primary and vote for Sanders.



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