SpaceX Postpones Manned Flight Launch

CAPE CAÑAVERAL, Florida, USA (AP) – SpaceX has postponed its next manned flight for NASA until Wednesday due to strong winds and heavy surf hundreds of miles away.

Four astronauts were due to leave Sunday morning on a six-month mission to the International Space Station. But while the forecast for the NASA Kennedy Space Center area was near perfect weather, a major storm in the northeast churned the waves to the north, causing the postponement.


In the case of manned launches, SpaceX needs good weather throughout the Atlantic coast and throughout the North Atlantic up to Ireland, in case there is any damage and the capsule must be docked in an emergency.

Better weather is expected for Wednesday. The four astronauts – a German and three Americans, will remain at Kennedy until then.

It will be SpaceX’s fourth manned flight for NASA in a year and a half and the fifth overall for the company. Last month, SpaceX put a billionaire and his three guests into orbit.