Spanish President Warns Of Dangers Of Reopening


The president of the Spanish government warned the nation that the almost two months of quarantine imposed to stop the spread of COVID-19 will have been useless if, in mitigation, people do not abide by social distancing and hygiene regulations.


“Just over half of the Spanish population will be able to recover a larger portion of their lives (but) the virus has not disappeared,” Pedro SĂĄnchez said on Saturday, two days before 51% of the 47 million inhabitants can return. to frequent sidewalk cafes and regain some of their pre-virus lives.

“The fight continues, which will not be extinguished until we find a vaccine. In the meantime, we have to cohabit with the virus, so we must strengthen health care and strengthen capacities. All this would be of little use without the responsible effort of the people, “he added.

The Spanish quarantine, one of the strictest in the world, managed to stop an outbreak of COVID-19 that a month ago caused more than 900 daily deaths. The Health Ministry reported 179 deaths on Saturday, bringing the total to 26,478.

However, the government and the army have warned that there may be new outbreaks of contagion in the cold winter months.

In general, the Spanish have complied with a quarantine that was mitigated only in the last two weeks with outings for walks and exercises for children and adults.

On Monday, many regions less affected by the virus will allow gatherings of up to 10 people and the reopening of shops, churches, theaters and other establishments with attendance limits. The rules will continue to be stricter in Madrid and Barcelona.