Special Edition Of The Traditional Indian Beer Launched

Indian Beer, which was a favorite of Puerto Rican consumers for more than seven decades, returns to the market in a special edition, to please those who had the opportunity to enjoy it before leaving the market approximately 20 years ago.

As of this week, some 50,000 boxes of the product, made at the Mayagüez de Cervecera de Puerto Rico (CCPR) plant, will be available for a limited time in establishments around the island, said Jorge Bracero, the company's chief marketing officer. .

“Under the motto Celebrate the classic, we are excited about this limited edition to please the request of consumers who claimed the return‘ the original Puerto Rican beer ’. Cerveza India was part of the economic and cultural development of our island and therefore occupies a special place. That is why we are not surprised by the welcome that is already receiving the product from shops that want to make it available to the public, ”said Bracero.


Cerveza India was the first beer launched in 1938 by Cervecera de Puerto Rico, a company founded in Mayagüez by the brothers Alfonso, Sabino and Ramón Valdés. The beer immediately won the reception of the public, not only for its flavor, but also for being the first beer made on the island.

Inspired by the original recipe, India is a lager beer filtered with a European style, and marinated with the finest ingredients and aromatic hops. It is a medium-bodied beer with rounded and balanced maltose flavor, which ends with a smooth taste on the palate.

Contrary to the regular edition, which was sold in cans, this special edition will be available in 12-ounce bottles in restaurants and bars, as well as in boxes of 12 bottles in supermarkets across the island.

In a press release, Cervecera de Puerto Rico said that it bets that Cerveza India will have a spectacular reception among young adults who appreciate the quality and freshness of a good beer, who are attracted by retro elements that connect them with the past and manifest national pride