Sports Gala “Alcarrizos Forever” Dedicated To Abinader

More than 40 teams representing the same number of regions in the city of Los Alkali Sos will participate in children’s volleyball, basketball and baseball tournaments devotedly honoring President Luis Avina del Corona. Its purpose is to save young people in projects that promote sports development. ..

Lasts 45 days

Scheduled to begin on June 30, the fair will last for 45 days and will be attended by 20 clubs from the same number of neighborhoods in Los Alkali Soss.


Elvys Duarte, Deputy Minister of Sport Technology and Representative of Francisco Camacho, has pledged at the Organizing Committee of the Alcarrizos Forever Sports Gala, chaired by Sócrates Díaz, the administrator of Merca Santo Domingo.

Rescue of sports facilities

“We will continue to rescue courts, stadiums and spaces so that young people have ample sports space in both Los Alcarrizos and other countries,” Duarte assured.

It is also composed of Tony Frugencio (Tony Banda Banda) as President and Robinson Rodriguez, a Dominican Consul based in Canada.

The fair is supported by the Reserve Bank, Ministry of Sport and Recreation, Ministry of Youth, Deputy Sandro Sanchez, Mayor of Alkalizos, and Senator Antonio Taberas.

at first

The tournament will begin on Thursday 30th at 4pm at Conani Court. 16 top basketball teams will be summoned. 8 years old; 8 for women’s volleyball and 9 for children’s baseball.

Tony Banda pointed out that it will take place on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at various fields and stadiums in Los Alcarrizos under the supervision of the Technical Committee working on the regulatory and competitive system.

“The Ministry of Sports is committed to developing young people, so we support all sports movements,” Duarte said in motivational terms.

He said that “Gala Deportiva Alcarrizos por Siempre” was dedicated to President Abinader, and Minister Camacho instructed all the people under his command to cooperate in the development of the club’s sports, so the Ministry of Sports’s overall. Emphasized that he would receive support. .. , Leagues and teams.

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