Spotify Presents Option To Share Control Of Group Music | WABNEWS

WASHINGTON – Spotify, the online music listening app, announced Monday that it makes Group Session available to its premium users, which will basically allow two or more people to share control over the music being played.

With this option, Spotify joins other companies that have modified their functions to adapt to the new reality of millions of people who are in a situation of confinement or who, due to social distancing measures, have changed the way they interact.


In a note published on the specialized technology site, it is explained that to use the modality, the host must share with the guests of the virtual party a QR code that will allow participants to enter and also have control over the music that is played. it reproduces.

Also, changes in genres and songs are visible on the devices of all who participate.

As indicated by this and other specialized technology pages, the Group Sessions tool is still in a beta stage and has been in testing since last year, long before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, but everything indicates that these modifications they will be the trend as the impact of the virus progresses in the world.

According to the company’s quarterly financial report, Spotify experienced a 32% increase in subscriptions to the premium service. In total, the platform is used by 286 million people every month.