Spread The Heartbreaking Message That Caroline Flack Wrote Before Committing Suicide

Caroline’s family shared the last words of the popular presenter.

Less than a week after the death of the British presenter Caroline Flack, and after a suicide was confirmed, the driver’s family has released the last message that Caroline He wrote on his social networks and he failed to publish.


Flack achieved fame thanks to her work as the host of the program Love island and recently he had just given up the broadcast and returned to the United Kingdom, to deal with a complaint, which has been pointed out by many as the main motive for suicide.

It was their representatives who confirmed the death, the causes and the last words that Flack He dedicated his friends and family by way of farewell. His relatives directly accused the media pressure he was subjected to after he was denounced for domestic violence, after a fight with his ex-boyfriend.

Everything seems to indicate that the lines were designed to be disseminated in their social networks as a farewell, but that, finally, it was not published. However, he did get the brief text to his mother and, now, that content has been made public.

In December 2019, Flack She was accused of assaulting her boyfriend the tennis player, Lewis Burton with a lamp, so on February 14 he was summoned to an audience that would take place next March.

The farewell words of Caroline were published by the British media Eastern Daily PressIn them, the driver acknowledges being sunk, unable to continue and apologizes to her family for what she will do. He assumes that he has accepted all the comments and criticisms, even the toughest, in the last decade, but that he can no longer. A reflection that would support that thesis of his representatives that he ended everything by external pressure.