SSP Sinaloa Alerts Fake Videos Of Shootings Circulating On Social Networks

Culiacán.-The Ministry of Public Security of Sinaloa reported that false images and messages circulate in social networks, WhatsApp groups and emails, in which they deceptively make alerts that they are protected by alleged shootings and clashes in Culiacán, as well as the existence of payment requests through BITCOIN (digital currency) to Ovidio Guzmán López.

In a statement, he informed that the aforementioned publications generate an informative bias towards the population and public opinion.

The agency has learned that through emails a request for payment has been disseminated through BITCOIN (digital currency) to Ovidio Guzmán López, these messages contain threats addressed to those who receive it, demanding that economic resources be deposited to a bill; However, this constitutes an extortion of people or groups who intend to take advantage of the latest events in the city of Culiacán to obtain an undue benefit, so the population is asked to ignore this type of mail.


The SSP Sinaloa asks to be careful with the information that is disseminated in social networks. | Pxhere

Images have also circulated as shootings or clashes, which are described as "recent" and alert the population to protect themselves, however, this information is false, since it corresponds to previous events, even correspond to other parts of the country and of the world

In addition to the above, a video is broadcast where, apparently, an operation is shown that even some media outlets link with that related to Ovidio Guzmán López, however, as detailed by the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Alfonso Durazo Montaño and the federal security cabinet were federal authorities that materialized those actions.

Regarding this last topic, this Secretariat was aware of the facts through the C4i video surveillance cameras of blockades in different places, so that in coordination with the three government orders, operational materialized to address the different events that were presented , the State Preventive Police reacted as its constitutional and legal mandate requires it to protect the assets and rights of the Sinaloense population, contributing with the federal authorities that lead the national public security strategy, protecting the life and integrity of the people and the of your goods.

As is evidenced in videos that circulate where you can see the effort of local authorities to address the situation that arose.

This Secretariat invites society to remain informed through the media and social networks of this and other public agencies through official accounts, so as not to generate misinformation.