Stalkerware: Know The Software That Makes It Possible To Spy On Your Partner

There is a new software whose function is to spy on others, it is used by many to snoop their partners' mobiles, it is called «stalkerware«.

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This new technology to spy are called stalkerware or spouseware, they are surveillance software that are usually sold easily through the internet, detailed


Using a stalkermare you can enter a device to read messages, record screen activity, track GPS locations and use cameras to spy on what anyone does.

The cybersecurity company Kaspersky stated that the number of people who are using this type of software on their devices increased -approximately- 35% during 2019.

The internet security company said its protection technologies detected stalkerware on 37,532 devices throughout 2019.

Chief security researcher David Emm explained, "Most people will routinely protect a laptop or desktop computer, but not many people really protect a mobile device."

Emm said, "That information comes from the facilities of our product on smartphones … so this figure does not even come close to what the real total would be."

According to the research carried out by the Kaspersky company, Russia is the country that uses stalkerware the most, then there are India, Brazil, the United States and Germany.

How to avoid being spied on

The company Eset, which is also dedicated to internet security, said there are ways to prevent spying on mobile phones.

Jake Moore, who works at Eset, recommended, "It is always advisable to check which applications are on your phone and perform a virus scan when necessary, and if there is an application on your device that you do not recognize, it is worth searching for information on the internet and eliminate them if necessary ».

Moore says, "as a general rule, if you are not using an application, delete it."

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