Stars Tie Quadruple In Semifinals

Stars Tie Quadruple In Semifinals

The Estrellas Orientals won the Championship All-Against All-Stars award this Friday night, benefiting from 11 transfers granted by the Eagle pitchers to defeat Aguilas Cibaenhas 10-6 at Tetero Vargas Stadium. produced a four-way tie between the teams participating in the Winter baseball in the Dominican Republic.

Aguilas, Lisi, Gigantes and Estrellas will end 2022 with the same record of 4-4. The semi-final series, which resumes next Monday night after the New Year’s break, has been reduced to ten matches to define the two finalists of a fair dedicated to the memory of Tom├ís Troncoso Cuesta .

It was the night Aguilas’ pitcher spiraled out of control. Mainly starter Carlos Martinez faced five batters, allowed four transfers, allowed one hit and allowed no runs.


The Stars added 3 in the 1st, 2 in the 3rd, 3 in the 5th and 2 in the 6th, while the Eagles added 1 in the 1st, 1 in the 6th, 2 in the 7th and 8. Added 2 points. . . The win went to Stephen Tarpley (1-0) and Martinez lost (0-2).

Martinez couldn’t get out of the five men he faced. Fernandez (5), Dario Alvarez (6), Neftali Feliz (7), Fernando Abbado (8).

Edwin Useta started for the Orientals, going 1 run for 3.0 innings, allowing 3 hits, and not transferring a hitter. Stephen Tarpley (4), Chester Pimentel (6), Gerson Moreno (7), Gerson Bautista (8) and Ronel Blanco (8) followed him on the mound.

Edward Olivares, Loginson Cano and Oscar Gonzalez each had two hits and two runs. Jaimer also gave Candelario two hits and one to lead the Eastern offensive.

The Eagles scored a 2-point double by Anudi Tavares 4-2. Joe Hudson 1-1, 2 RBIs. Eliezer Alvarez 2-1, 2 RBIs.

As they pointed out:

The Eagle Bat attacked starter Uceta with a run in the same first inning, combined with Tavares’ single, which hit Almonte’s right field and advanced to third, and Encarnacion missed on a ground ball from third to first. Scored.

The Orientals wasted no time, taking advantage of Martinez’s lack of control, moving Nunez, Lake, and Diaz one after another to fill in the bases, ready for Candelario to single Nunez to right field.

Olivarez received four bads for driving Lake. Jose his Jose pitched for Martinez and struck out Cano, but gave Diaz a single to right field for Gonzalez.

In the third, the Green offense returned to attacking Van Meter, allowing a hit before the first out, followed by Candelario, Olivarez, and Cano driving in the fourth. With runners on third and first, González hit a double play on a groundout to shortstop and Olivarez got in the run.

In the fifth against Delgado, the Oriental bat exploded again, and when Olivarez and Cano transferred, Gonz├ílez hit a double shot to left field on a first-round drive, Sandbar Pimentel followed with a simple drive to center, and Jos├ę Brice├▒o scored a double shot to left field on a first-round drive. received. With the bases loaded and the bases loaded, the pitcher was replaced by Fernandez, and Nunez struck out on a double play, but scored his team’s eighth round.

The Eaglebats added another in the sixth when Tavares doubled and scored on Jonathan Villar’s single.

The Stars added 2 in the sixth by Olivarez, who moved to second on a home shot, stole second and combined to walk Diaz, who scored on a single. Kano then connected an RBI hit to center.

Chivae├▒o’s at-bat added two in the seventh inning when Ramon Torres and Luis Gonzalez hit singles and Eliezer Alvarez struck out two on an undisputed hit to right field.

The Eagles gave up to Gerson Moreno when Julio E. Rodriguez received the transfer, Eliel Hernandez hit, Gonzalez hit to load the bases, and Hudson singled to left field to boost two teammates. attacked again for the eighth time.

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