States Activate The National Guard To Contain Protests

Atlanta – The Governor of Georgia declared a state of emergency early Saturday to mobilize the State National Guard, while Atlanta and other cities in the country registered violent protests for the murder of GeorgeFloyd after an agent immobilized him on the floor pressing his knee over his neck while being detained in Minnesota.

Another 500 Guard troops were mobilized both in Minneapolis, where Floyd died and where police officer Derek Chauvin was charged on Friday with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. But the city lived another night of fires and looting. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said early Saturday that he will deploy more than 1,000 more statewide troops and that he was considering federal aid.

The National Guard was also on alert in the District of Columbia, where a crowd gathered outside the White House and cursed the president, Donald Trump. Some tried to jump over the barriers set up by the Secret Service on Pennsylvania Avenue, and threw bottles and other objects at the police with riot gear, which responded with pepper spray.


A person was killed in downtown Detroit just before midnight after a person aboard a sports truck shot at a crowd of protesters near the Greektown entertainment district, police said.

In Portland, Oregon, citizens broke into a police station and, according to authorities, set fire to the interior. In the Virginia capital, a police car was set on fire outside the Richmond police headquarters, and a spokeswoman for the City’s Transportation Department said a bus was completely smashed by the flames, according to local media.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp tweeted that he will mobilize 500 National Guard members immediately to “protect population and property in Atlanta.” Kemp explained that he acted at the request of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who earlier in the day had made a futile call for calm.

In both peaceful and violent mobilizations across the nation, thousands of protesters chanted slogans such as “Without justice there is no peace” and “Say your name, George Floyd” and displayed posters with the slogan “He said I can’t breathe. Justice for George. “

In Atlanta, after hours of peaceful protests in the city center, protesters tore apart police cars and spray-painted the iconic CNN logo at the chain’s headquarters. At least three police officers were injured and there were multiple arrests, said Carlos Campos, a spokesman for the city police. Protesters shot officers with compressed air pistols, and threw bricks, bottles and knives at them, he added.

At a press conference, the mayor told protesters: “This is not a protest. This is not in keeping with the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. ”

“They are disgracing our city,” he said. “They are disgracing the lives of George Floyd and all the other people who have been killed in this country.”

Bottoms was flanked by rappers T.I. and Killer Mike, and by King’s daughter Bernice King. Despite his call for calm, the violence continued.

An initially peaceful protest in New York City led to a chaotic situation at night, with discontents facing officers, police car damage and arson.

In Brooklyn, activists who had marched from Manhattan swore at the police officers in front of the Barclays Center and threw bottles of water at them. Officers sprayed tear gas at the crowd multiple times and vacated the plaza. There were several arrests.

In Houston, the city where George Floyd grew up, several thousand people protested before the city council.

Tension also increased in several cities on the West Coast as night fell and protesters cut roads in Los Angeles and Oakland.

About 1,000 people protested in Oakland, where windows were smashed and graffiti painted with the phrase “Kill the police.” The authorities responded with tear gas. According to the authorities, several officers were injured by the impact of the objects that were thrown at them and asked the population to return to their homes.

In Los Angeles, protesters collided with officers, arrests were made and a police officer needed medical attention, according to police.

Clashes between non-conformists and authorities were repeated in the city of San José, in Silicon Valley, according to its mayor, Sam Liccardo, who said that the police responded with stun grenades and rubber bullets. An agent entered a hospital with a non-fatal wound, the councilman and police said.



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