Statue of Christopher Columbus removed from a park in San Luis

Statue Of Christopher Columbus Removed From a Park In San Luis

St. Louis, Missouri – A statue of Christopher Columbus that stood in a park in St. Louis for 134 years was removed Tuesday amid mounting national expressions of outrage against monuments of the 15th-century navigator.

Commissioners overseeing Tower Groove Park recently voted to remove the statue. It was placed in a truck, but its final destination was unclear. Park officials did not immediately respond to a ph one message seeking comment.

Several statues of Christopher Columbus have been knocked down during protests across the country over the death of a black man at the hands of police in Minneapolis. George Floyd, who was handcuffed, died on May 25 after a white police officer put a knee to his neck for several minutes.


A statue of Columbus in Richmond, Virginia, was knocked down last week. Seven people were arrested for damaging a statue of the admiral in Miami. And a statue of Columbus in Boston was beheaded.

In a statement on the Tower Grove Park Facebook page, the board of directors said the statue was initially placed in the park to celebrate the contributions of immigrants to the city.

“But now, it symbolizes the historical indifference towards indigenous peoples and cultures and the destruction of their communities,” he said.