Stephen Strasburg Uses Phrase Of Donald Trump To Deny Something He Did In The White House | AL BAT

It took just over 18 months for the current MVP of the 2019 World Series, Stephen Strasburg, to use his Twitter account. The player was forced to tweet again due to the accusations made by some users of the social network against him.

Last Monday some players of the Washington Nationals attended the White House to be recognized by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, on the occasion of his coronation of the last Autumn Classic. In this event, Strasburg took the microphone and dedicated a few words of thanks to the presence of colleagues and political personnel who were in the compound.

At the end of his speech, Strasburg turned around to hug his coach, Dave Martinez, however, the pitcher did not realize that Trump shook his hand to greet him and, unwittingly, ignored him.


Faced with the events, the teasing of Twitter users let themselves go as a waterfall and did not forgive the player, who accused him of rejecting Donald Trump.

To the surprise of those who criticized "Stras", the pitcher posted and trodically epic those who said he had left with his arm extended to his president with a resounding: #FakeNews which in Spanish means: "False News".

It should be noted that indeed, Strasburg accidentally ignored the president, because after watching the full video, after hugging Dave Martinez and Mike Rizzo, he continued to finally shake hands with Trump and his wife, Melania.



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