Steve Bannon’s Legal Fate Is A Warning To Donald Trump

Steve Bannon’s Legal Fate Is a Warning To Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s former adviser, Steve Bannon, also known as the man who is always wearing more than three shirts at once without anyone knowing why, turned himself in to New York authorities this week to face charges of money laundering, to defraud and conspiracy. Bannon is no stranger to this type of accusation, in fact, it is the second time he has been involved in a fraud scandal related to the construction of the famous border wall in a project called We Build the Wall in which 25 million were raised. of dollars, funds that the character presumably pocketed in large part and the trial that he got rid of thanks to his companion of meanness when he was pardoned by Donald Trump shortly before leaving the White House.

But Justice did not sit idly by and although the federal sentence was forgiven, the presidential mercy does not reach the state courts and New York has taken it upon itself to send a clear message to Donald Trump about his own limits by accusing his close friend and leader of the Christian nationalist army, as The Washington Post pointed out. Bannon is also being investigated for his role in inciting the January 6, 2021 insurrection and is awaiting a contempt sentence. Naturally, according to the Trump disciple, it’s all a political witch hunt.

The neighbor’s beard…


Steve Bannon’s legal future should serve as a warning to Trump that not even he, no matter how much he brags about the idea of ​​a self-pardon, is above local or state justice, and there are not a few lawsuits he has open in against him in these courts, one of the reasons the former president is desperate to return to the immunity of the presidency, which he has been for, and is willing to raze the country if necessary. Let Rome burn.
Among the legal proceedings opened against him in local instances, let us remember that the tycoon’s companies are under civil investigation in the state of New York, and there is an ongoing criminal investigation into the Trump Organization. Furthermore, in Georgia he is being investigated for trying to tamper with the election results.

The Mar-a-Lago documents

Trump’s legal team has seen its hopes of prolonging the investigation into the documents seized at Mar-a-Lago indefinitely by pulling Judge Aileen Cannon, nominated by the former president, out of her sleeve, which forced the election of a ” special master” to review the more than 13,000 documents seized, a complicated task because the aforementioned master must be in possession of the highest authorizations to carry out the review, and the few who are authorized are not willing to submit voluntarily to public scrutiny and political ridicule. In addition, the provision established that a consensus between both parties was necessary before this Friday, which did not happen.

However, the prosecution is seeking a brilliant alternative route: the appeal requested a partial stay of Cannon’s ruling, arguing that a special master should not be allowed to review classified materials, and that investigators should be able to use these sensitive materials immediately. as part of your investigation.

The Justice Department also said it plans to file an appeal of the decision in the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.

new investigations

The Justice Department is seeking details about the formation and workings of Donald Trump’s post-presidential political operation.
A federal grand jury has subpoenaed a wide range of former White House and campaign staffers requesting information about PAC Save America, The New York Times reported.

Trump’s post-presidency fundraising has already been a source of suspicion for House Jan. 6 committee investigators, as well as complaints from some Republicans who want Trump to dip into his reserves to boost party campaigns in the Senate amid signs its candidates are behind in polls and fundraising.

This week’s subpoenas were also the latest sign that the Justice Department has stepped up its own parallel investigation into Jan. 6. As part of the investigation that began in July, prosecutors searched for phone records and other information from Trump’s inner circle and questioned close aides to Pence before a federal grand jury. Trump has raised more than $100 million for the PAC with thousands of appeals to his supporters, many of which contain misleading or false statements about the election, raising a significant sum of money and donating limited amounts to other candidates he supports. in addition to paying some of their employees and lawyers.

Stephen Miller, senior policy adviser, and Brian Jack, who served as White House political director, are among those who received requests for information this week from a federal grand jury.



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