Steve Kerr Explodes Against Donald Trump And Asks For His Term To End

The NBA is a territory where Donald Trump is not welcome. The US president has already starred in political differences with LeBron James and other players such as Kevin Durant, who have supported the Colin Kaepernick movement.

Now the president of the United States scoffed at the fact that China wants to veto the NBA, after the Rockets manager expressed support for protesters calling for the release of Hong Kong. The Chinese government did not like someone outside this conflict to get into and in the exhibition game between Lakers and Nets it was played without the presence of sponsors.

The case already has political dyes, but Trump not only refused to provide support, but he mocked Steve Kerr, the Golden State coach and who is part of the United States National Team. Kerr was questioned by the press for the tweet of the Rockets manager that triggered all this war and replied that he had no opinion.


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“He was like a little boy, he was so scared that he was not even able to answer the question. I was shaking ‘Oh, oh, oh, I don't know. I don't know, ”said the president.

Kerr, who has always criticized Trump, spoke about it and expressed his desire for 2021 to come and Trump's presidential term ends, who he blamed for dividing the country, according to Marca.

“35 years ago I didn't know which side you were on or which political party you supported. We were all simply Americans; My hope is that we can find a mature person and try to restore some dignity in the Oval Office (the president's office), ”said the coach.

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Kerr recalled that he has been invited to the White House six times and the different leaders had treated him with dignity, including Ronald Reagan, who received him in 1984 months after his father's death in a terrorist attack.

"There was dignity and respect in the presidency and it is sad that now all that has collapsed," he said.



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