Steven Spielberg’s Adopted Daughter Was Arrested For Domestic Violence

Recently the young woman confessed that she dreams of becoming an adult movie star.

Mikaela Spielberg, the daughter of Steven Spielberg who a few days ago revealed that she wanted to be an adult movie star, was arrested this weekend, accused of domestic violence. Both she and her brothers had so far maintained a low profile, going rarely to collect prizes with the veteran direc tor, but that changed a few days ago when the filmmaker’s adopted daughter revealed her dream profession.


As confirmed People through an officer at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee, Mikaela., 23, was arrested at approximately 6:30 a.m. on Saturday and admitted to the Hill Detention Center in Nashville, and from where he was released 12 hours later.

After hearing the news, Mikaela’s fiance, Chuck Pankow, 47, sent a statement to Fox news in which he said that the incident happened had been a “misunderstanding” and that “nobody is injured.”

Mikaela is one of seven children that Steven Spielberg adds between his first marriage to Amy Irving and his current partner, Kate Capshaw. She was adopted when she was just a baby and recently revealed in her first contact with the media that she suffered sexual abuse while she was very young, adding that the author or authors has not been anyone in her environment.

In his lowest hours, when he was admitted to a center for troubled adolescents, he said: “I left there worse than I entered, with more anxiety and more attachment problems, more depression and more hate in my body. In fact, I developed an eating disorder while living there. ” Mikaela speaks that in that spiral of destruction she flirted with alcoholism, anorexia and a borderline personality disorder.

Mikaela He said he felt a “sexual creature” but after some tests on the specialized server Pornhub, he said he will not perform sexual scenes before the camera out of respect for his fiancé. So in principle you will only be a director, screenwriter or unique interpreter of your own videos.