Stop a Coronavirus Cruise In California

San Francisco – In an attempt to keep the coronavirus at bay, the authorities ordered Thursday to stop a cruise off the coast of California while examining people on board. On a previous trip on the same ship, one person died and at least one more was infected with COVID-19 disease.

A Coast Guard helicopter must deliver the equipment for the exams to the Grand Princess in the next few hours, once it is anchored in the San Francisco Bay. The Princess Cruises company did not reveal how many people were on board, the ship has capacity for 3,650 passengers and crew, but said less than 100 required exams.

“The ship will not reach the coast before we properly evaluate passengers,” said California Governor Gavin Newsom.


On Wednesday, Newsom declared a state of emergency, which paves the way for federal help, following the death of a man near Sacramento who had sailed on the ship on a previous trip.

The first death by coronavirus outside the state of Washington raised the total bill to 11, most of whom were residents of a nursing home in a suburb of Seattle.

Another passenger from a previous trip is hospitalized. The company said there were no confirmed cases of coronavirus among people on board, but that some passengers exhibited flu symptoms.

Meanwhile, federal authorities announced an investigation of the Life Care nursing home in Kirkland, Washington, to determine if the preventive rules were applied.

In April, the state of Washington fined Life Care at $ 67,000 for deficiencies in infection control after two outbreaks that affected 17 people, including patients and staff.

39 cases of coronavirus have been reported in the Seattle area, where researchers say the virus may have been present for weeks without being detected.

Many businesses and some schools in the Seattle area have begun to take action on their own. The Northshore School District, with 22,000 students, announced the suspension of classes for two weeks.



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