“# Stop ElGolpe”: Donald Trump Encourages a Social Media Campaign To Reject The Democratic Attempt To Take Him To Political Trial

"#StopTheCoup," Donald Trump tweeted on his social network account this Saturday morning and achieved thousands of likes and retweets in less than two hours. With this brief message, the president of the United States seeks popular support to curb the Democratic initiative in Congress.

The hashtag that Trump is driving comes after it was known that House Democrats are advancing in their investigation to determine if the president abused his position during the July 25 phone call in which the Republican urged his Ukrainian counterpart Volodimir Zelenski to investigate Democrat Joe Biden, who competes to face him in the 2020 presidential elections.

While the White House and the personal lawyer of President Rudy Giuliani refused to send documents on the Ukrainian case to Congress, the lawmaker who directs the investigation in the lower house, Adam Schiff, said five witnesses had confirmed the allegations of abuse of power that could justify the start of the political trial against Trump. "We have made a breakthrough by answering several of the questions about the July call, in which the president of the United States sought to coerce a vulnerable ally to conduct what is best described as a mock investigation of his opponent," said Schiff , head of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, at a press conference.


Trump, who repeats that his call with Zelenski was "perfect," lashed out at the investigation, after the Democrats questioned an official from the State Department specializing in Ukraine. "Democrats do not allow transparency," he wrote on Twitter, criticizing witness hearings behind closed doors and denouncing "a witch hunt."

Democrats seek to prove that Trump sought foreign aid for his re-election campaign, a crime under US law. Trump admits that he asked Zelenski for help investigating Biden but says it was for legitimate suspicions of corruption and not for political reasons.

This week, the White House questioned the legitimacy of the investigation by refusing to hand over documents from the vice president, the Pentagon and the budget management related to Ukraine.

The Executive criticizes Pelosi, in particular, for not having organized a plenary vote in the House of Representatives to initiate this explosive dismissal procedure, unlike the most recent precedents against Richard Nixon in 1974 and Bill Clinton in 1995. “There is no obligation to have a vote and at this stage we will not have a vote, ”the Democratic leader responded in a press conference with Schiff.

Giuliani rejected requests for similar documents, crossing out the investigation of "illegitimate" and "unconstitutional."



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