” Stranger Things ” Consent To The Public With An Advance Of Its Fourth Season

The clip confirms that one of the main characters is not dead, but is imprisoned in a Russian scientific center.

This February 14 fans of Stranger Things They received a long awaited gift from Valentine’s Day: Netflix He showed the first preview of the fourth season of the series. The clip — 50 seconds long and is titled From Russia with love- It shows us a prison camp in the largest nation in the world, heavily guarded, in which the prisoners work at forced marches on the lines of a train.


With the teaser We get a tremendous surprise because it confirms our desires and more crazy theories: Hopper (David Harbor), who took care of Raise ( Millie Bobby Brown ) When he fled from the place where they experimented with her, he is not dead, he is being held in this hidden place. As for the other prisoners, there is no truce for Hopper, who works with a heavy hammer in the inclement winter.

At first we do not know what he is, because he is on his back; but then he turns to the camera and takes off his hat, which protects him from the cold, to wipe his sweat. And yes, he is the man for whom Raise

He has cried for so long and now he is totally bald and has a worried gesture. Will he be plotting his escape? How will they know Raise And the rest of the gang that is alive?

As another gift we would love it and ask Netflix Let him “have mercy” on us and resolve those and other questions through a new advance. If it does not, we will have to wait for patients at the premiere of the fourth season, which still has no date.

For now, and thanks to this first look, we know that Hopper He did not die when he closed the portal that separated the world from the opposite with the normal world; also that he is in Russia, just as the last moments of season 3 showed him, in which a scientific base was appreciated in that territory.