Strong Images: Mother Shows Photos Of Drug Damage In Her Son

United States.- Through social networks, a mother showed the harsh reality of drugs, the face that nobody ever wants to see, and to show it she uploaded photos of her son before and after being addicted.

Jennifer posted two photographs of her 26-year-old son on her Facebook account, in one of them she is healthy and in the other she sees a young man finished just seven months after using heroin and methamphetamine.

The face of heroin and methamphetamine …… is the reality for so many people and families in this world today. "


Jennifer's son was a young athlete, which is not seen in the second picture, according to the mother, her son is living in the streets of Las Vegas, away from his home in Missouri.

Cody is still homeless in Las Vegas and I haven't heard from him in weeks now. "

The young man's mother has commented that good people have been found who are helping her find her son, however many of them walk on foot and only survive with what they bring in their backpack, that's why they are asking for financial support .

"I have several people who are out on foot in Las Vegas without resources besides what is in their backpack looking for Cody."