Study Suggests Trump’s Recommended Medicine Linked To Increased Risk Of Death In Coronavirus Patients | Univision Digital Edition News

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carolina: how are you?

it’s Friday with pleasure


borja al voces and carolina

sarassa among “digital edition”.

borja: hydroxychloroquine,

medicine taken by donald trump

and who has promoted

mainly used for

fighting malaria is

related to increased risk

of death in patients with

coronavirus. an analysis done

to 96,000 patients showed that

those treated with this

medicine they had more

odds of suffering

cardiac arrhythmia. the study

was published by a

prestigious medical magazine.

things and perspective

medica? what is the difference


Juan: in 61 educational centers

different what they find that

patients who are using

hydroxychloroquine were

hospitalized patients, the

mortality increases by 34% and the

risk of severe arrhythmias

increases 137%. now the

combination of

hydroxychloroquine with the

antibiotic which obviously what

who is talking for a long time

time increases mortality

only 45% and the risk of

arrhythmia increased it in this

study 411%. let’s go

having more evidence

significant that this drug

well it probably shouldn’t


carolina: talking about these

risks what is the difference

from prescribing this medicine to

someone young and someone who

be older with conditions


some think it was a

good idea to take it.

Juan: the first thing that really

I would like to say is no

I’m looking for no doctor.

every doctor knows his

patient and one of the things that

has not yet been studied is

what can the

hydroxychloroquine in terms

preventive or prophylactic.

that is still gone

studying. I don’t want to judge

no type of doctor, but what

What I can tell you is that in

patients who have some type

of basic problem, in

terms of the electrical part

of the heart, they may be

risk that a young patient

for example they don’t have

no type of disease

heart base but that’s why it’s

that this is a conversation

important you have to

occur between patients and

an epic.



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