Suarez’s Big Goal Is To Save Simeone.Atletico Defeated Osasuna

Madrid (AP) — Luis Suarez scored an anthology goal thanks to a great pass from João Felix, where Atletico de Madrid beat Osasuna 3-0 on Saturday. Spanish league.

Felix started scoring on the third goal of the course after goalkeeper Sergio Herrera finished a bad rebound at the edge of a small area and sent it to the top of the goal three minutes later.


“El Pistrero” Suarez expanded geniusly at the age of 59 and started from the field the moment the Portuguese sent the ball from the area, so Uruguay scored a goal on the run and passed through the midfield to gain an advantage. became. Of the fact that Herrera was not in his area.

Angel Correa won on the 89th (8 minutes after admission) after receiving a filtered pass from the “moss” resurrection. This was resolved with a cross shot when Herrera came out to cover.

“We are all happy. As we all know, we came from a bad game, but we knew how to overcome the situation. We were fine and the locker rooms were united. And we are all looking for a goal, “Felix said.

The victory tentatively puts the defending champion in 4th place, surpassing 42 units, Barcelona (39) by 3 and dueling on Sunday at Matchday 25 with Valencia, in addition to a duel pending. increase.

Argentina’s Diego Simeone team took a break with this victory before hosting Manchester United in the first leg of the European Champions League Round 16 on Wednesday.

“We came from a hard blow. It was difficult because we had only a few days to prepare for this match with a very tough team,” Simeone said. “You can see it, you can’t hide it. It’s a thirst for winning.”

The mattress arrived in Elsa Darfield after playing against the bottom team Levante in the middle of the week. This resulted in a louder alarm during the irregular season when 3 was crushed, 15 points behind leader Real Madrid (57). -Arabes from 0.

Osasuna drew with two wins in three consecutive games without losing and remained in ninth place with 32 units. The Navarrese team has lost eight games in a row against Atleti, who has not been defeated since 2014.

Atletico took the lead early on and then struggled to maintain it before entering the break. With the Navarra team’s most dangerous arrival, Ante Budimir struck a post in the header before the end of the first half.

Felix returned to the starting lineup, increasing his sense of effectiveness in Elsada and scoring five goals in three games.

Suarez scored a goal a few days later and achieved nine goals on the course. Correa was identified as a scoring mattress leader by scoring 11 goals in the championship.

Great goal, Madrid is happy

Marco Asensio and Vini Jr. scored a great goal to get out of the jam as Real Madrid defeated Arabes and ended the tough week of losing in the Champions League with joy.

Asensio broke his tie in the 63rd minute with a curved shot of his left foot from outside the area nested in the upper corner.

“Vini” signed a collective gem with a quick pass before Federico Valverde, Asensio and Karim Benzema handed the pass to the center sent by the Brazilian winger to the bottom of the goal in the 80th minute.

Benzema closed his account from the penalty kick spot at the start of the change after Florian Lejeune fouled Rodrigo Goes.

“We had to regain our good feelings after a fair defeat in The Champions, but a few days later, today we have another fight and the team played very well and deserves 3 points.” Said defender Dani Carvajal.

Victory reassures Real Madrid. Real Madrid will top with 7 and 57 units on the shooting guard Sevilla to settle the duel on the 25th day of their visit with Espanyol on Sunday.

Whites led champion Atletico de Madrid (42) 15 points, defeated Osasuna 3-0 and Barcelona (39) 18 points.

Merengue’s victory is in contrast to Tuesday’s 1-0 defeat at PSG, the first leg of the Champions League Round 16.

Staying in 19th place with 20 units, Arabes has the best option before the break, with a shot from Jason Remesero over the top and a low shot from Luis Rioja saved by goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. I had it.

As a side note, the whites had the opportunity to accelerate the revolution and break zero with Vini Jr.’s approach rejected by Fernando Pacheco before Asensio’s seventh goal in the championship. Benzema’s counterattack was saved under Rejeune’s post.

“Vini” scored again in the league after a few days of fasting goals to reach 13 goals on the course and 16 goals in the season.

Benzema won the 18th goal of the course and established himself as a top scorer.

Several league duels against Layo and Real Sociedad are on the agenda of Madrid before completing the Champions League commitment as a host of PSG.

Villarreal keeps good steps

Arnaut Danjuma moved up to the top of the Champions League qualifying zone in fifth place with a hat-trick after converting a pair of penalties and Villarreal defeating Granada 4-1.

Danjuma of the Netherlands imposed good penalties on the 35th and 81st minutes. At the age of 39 he also sent a shot of the area to the network. Moises Gomez won with a stop time of 6 minutes. Luis Milla also scored for the locals from a penalty of 61.

“Yellow Submarine” reached 39 units after breaking through the fourth day undefeated. Grenada stalled in 17th place with 24 points and approached the relegation zone.

As another result, Cadiz drew one-on-one with Getafe at home.


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