Success, Feminism And Fight Against Donald Trump

Megan Rapinoe has become a world icon in this 2019. The American has crossed football barriers and has gone further. At 34, he has built a sign of identity and is at the highest level of sports. This year the player has shown that there is no ceiling for her and that she will not give up in the fight to achieve her goals.

It all started during the French World Cup dispute this summer. The championship was the beginning of all the individual and collective trophies that were going to arrive with the passing of the months. The captain of the United States national team received a reward at the good level shown in each match. However, he not only stood out for his deeds within the field but for the oppositional stance against President Donald Trump he adopted.

The controversy was served. After a tense crossing of messages between them, Rapinoe was proclaimed champion of the World Cup with his selection to achieve the precious gold. But, on top of that, she was also chosen as the best player in the tournament and the top scorer


Megan Rapinoe gestures the number 4 with her fingers as she holds the Trophy for the FIFA Women's World Cup while the U.S. team arrives at the Newark International Airport, in Newark
                    EDUARDO MUNOZ
                    Thomson Reuters

The Reign FC player took the Ballon d'Or and the Golden Boot of the international competition after beating Holland in the grand final, also scoring the first goal to open the scoring from eleven meters. This was the sixth in his locker in the five games played. All an achievement with which one more point was pointed in his favor in the confrontation with the US president. The Americans became the champions and took home their fourth World Cup in the eight editions contested.

However, the acknowledgments for Rapinoe were not going to stay here. The front was going to continue enlarging its history by being chosen as the best player of 2019 by FIFA on September 23. Although there was still the 'jackpot'. The American won between 20 final candidates and won the Women's Golden Ball succeeding Ada Hegerberg who won the first edition of this new format.

Women's Soccer Number One

This award makes him the number one in women's world soccer but has not only fought on the pitch but also outside it. Rapinoe has fought for the visibility of many minority groups and has stood firm in his fierce struggle for human rights. The footballer is a true media star in this 2019 due to her battle against racism, her desire to achieve equality between men and women, and having become an LGBTI rights activist.

The World Cup has served as a great stage to show their pretensions. The player did not sing the anthem before the start of the matches as a sign of claim to the injustices carried out in her country. In addition, he stressed the need for equal pay between men and women before Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, distributed the championship awards.

Sofia Jakobsson and Megan Rapinoe, at the Women's World Cup in France 2019

"All the players during this World Cup have provided the most incredible show. Nothing else can be done to impress. We have to move on to the next stage. Everyone is prepared for us to charge the same. Now we need to know how we can support the federations and support championships around the world, "he insisted on the existing wage gap.

This speech may not be enough to change the mentality of many, but Megan Rapinoe will remain firm in her fight for equality and this year she has won Donald Trump. Millions of people have followed in the footsteps of the footballer during 2019 and have already proclaimed her as a feminist icon. Perhaps a further step has been taken to achieve equality between the two genders. And, perhaps, in the next year we will be even closer to achieving it thanks to deeds such as those of the American.

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