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K-pop singer Sulli, whose real name was Choi Jin Ri, has starred in the main news in South Korea after her death was confirmed last Monday, October 14. So far it is speculated that the vocalist of f (x) would have committed suicide.

Sulli was a victim of cyberbullying, a fact that he denounced repeatedly, both in the media and through social networks.

YOU CAN SEE Photos of the funeral of Sulli, the Kpop singer victim of cyberbullying (VIDEO)


After the announcement of the funeral of Sulli, some media have shared some details of the irregularities that have occurred during the investigation process, by the authorities and personnel of the firefighters who tried to keep it alive.

According to the JazmineMedia news portal, one of the firefighters who arrived at the house of singer K-pop was responsible for sharing confidential information about the death of the star of f (x).

It was reported that the fireman took photos of official documents, belongings of the famous singer K-pop, and also of his body. This last detail is being evaluated by the authorities in South Korea that handle the case.

The unfortunate thing about this fact is that the man, of unknown identity so far, shared the photos of Sulli through social networks. The content was sent to other members of the fire department and to users in general.

According to the aforementioned means, the fire department gave a press conference to offer the corresponding apologies for what happened, especially for the pain the family is experiencing.


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The death of singer Sulli has caused a chain to be made on social networks to avoid sharing photos of what would be the body of the ‘Idol K-pop’.

They have also forbidden to show the face of Sulli's brother, who was caught crying at the funeral.

Even, a photo of the alleged body of Sulli has been shared, but that information has been denied, since it corresponds to an image of the year 2017, where it appears lying on the ground and writing.

Sulli committed suicide because of cyberbullying?

So far the official cause of the death of Sulli has not been determined, who lost his life on October 14, 2019. He was 25 years old.

K-pop celebrities said goodbye to Sulli

Goo Hara, a former member of the F (x) band and a close friend of Sulli, uploaded a photo to his Instagram account with a moving message. In his stories this social network could not contain the tears and told his fans not to worry about her that soon the sadness will pass.

Jung Yunho, famous Korean singer and leader of the band TVXQ, expressed his condolences to the artist's family after the date of his funeral was announced. The young man sent a flower arrangement to his house with a message of support and strength.

Apologize for leaking photos of Sulli after his death

The head of the Security Department of Gyeonggi, asked for public apologies for the leaking of Sulli's photos: “We sincerely apologize to the public for the external filtering of reports on a recent emergency call to 119 (number of emergencies in Korea)” .


Then he added the following: "It is very shameful and disappointing that internal information has been externally filtered by firefighters, who must show model behavior as public servants and show integrity while serving to protect the lives and property of citizens."

He said that after this incident they will be more careful in working with the information they are handling: "All Gyeonggi-do Security Department Officials will do everything possible to ensure the safety of people."

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The Korean media Busan Report interviewed a source who claimed that the kpop singer would have requested the intervention of her SM Entertainment agency against the malicious commentators she had been receiving.

"Sulli went through a difficult time dealing with malicious comments. She constantly asked her label to take steps to deal with these comments."

Sulli F (x) was constantly attacked on social networks. (PHOTO: Instagram)

However, SM Entertainment announced that after an online investigation it was determined that the IP from where the comments against the former member of F (x) were written came from abroad and it was difficult to track it.

SM Entertainment says goodbye to Sulli

After being silent for a few days by the death of Sulli, SM Entertainment, the label that worked with Choi Jin Ri, said goodbye to the artist with a meaningful message and an image that shows the singer quite smiling. The record label mentioned that Sulli has become "a bright star in the sky" and that he will "live forever in our hearts."