Sulli Dies, K Pop Singer Suffered Cyber ​​Bullying

Sulli dies, the singer of K Pop suffered Cyber ​​Bullying. | Instagram

Unfortunate news for the music world, Choi Jin-ri, known as Sulli, a K-pop singer was found lifeless at his home in Seoul, Korea.

The young woman was a member of the famous group f (x), but her fame did not scare away the harassment and abuse in social networks against her person.


According to the authorities, Sulli suffered from severe depression and bullying made his situation worse. So far, the cause of his death is unknown, but an investigation has been opened to determine what happened to the famous singer.

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South Korea unfortunately has one of the most avocado suicide rates in the world, making it one of the leading causes of death among those under 40 years of age.

Sulli was not only a famous singer, she was also a strong voice for the rights of women, a great activist, being the cause of harassment on the internet towards her person.

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The singer debuted in 2009 in f (x) and quickly the k-pop group was positioned as one of the most important in the world; However, five years later, it was necessary that he leave the musical group because of the enormous harassment of his person and decided to devote himself to other projects, including a television series.

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On television, Sulli talked to celebrities about cyber bullying that is likely to suffer, probably, a way to let off steam herself.

Even after his death, Sulli has become a strong voice, his departure calls into question the enormous influence of the internet on people's lives, the enormous damage of cyber bullying and leaves a huge mark on the world of K-pop . See you forever Sulli!