Summary Of The Day: The "friend" Jimmy; a Bitter Taste For Donald Trump And The End Of UCN

The exchange of flattery by Joviel Acevedo and Jimmy Morales; the advance of the political trial to Trump and the news with a taste of parrot and cream. This is the summary of the day.

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2019-12-10T18: 00: 27-06: 00

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This Tuesday's newsletter has everything from irony to political uncertainties. Let's explain it calmly.

Let's start with the irony. Well, it is not so much an irony, it is rather a mockery of the trade union and social movements. Joviel Acevedo's union awarded recognition and labeled Jimmy Morales and Jafeth Cabrera as "Friend of Education."

The leader Joviel Acevedo, of the Union of Education Workers in Guatemala (STEG), dumbbells with Jimmy Morales throughout his tenure. The great magisterial machine represented in the Acevedo union was aligned and even its days of protests became supportive of the president.

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The recognition and exchange of compliments was made during the graduation of the most recent promotion of teachers of the Academic Program of Professional Teacher Development (Padep).

Acevedo did not hide the society he had with Morales. On several occasions he declared that he had agreements to keep the collective agreements signed during this administration. The most recent was officialized in January of this year.

The union led by Joviel Acevedo recognized President Jimmy Morales as "Education Friend".

– La Hora newspaper (@lahoragt) December 10, 2019

In a conference, where Acevedo and Morales sealed the collective pact with a hug, the salary increase of 15% was realized, in two years, on the basic salary of teachers, which considers an increase of Q961 million 755 thousand 970 budget of the Ministry of Education.

That last pact included a Christmas bonus of Q2,500, delivered these days.

To defend that pact, in November Acevedo led a protest in the Congress of the Republic to press for the approval of the 2020 budget. And, although on Tuesday's activity there was neither the elected president, nor the designated Minister of Education, the The union made a warning between the lines to keep the increase to the teachers.

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"It's a recommendation because we don't want to have any confrontation with any government institution that will take office next year," said the unionist.

On the political uncertainties, the first news came from the United States from early Tuesday. In a press conference the Democratic opposition reported on the two formal charges that are imputed to President Donald Trump.

The two charges are: abuse of power – it seems so obvious – and obstruction of Congress – such as when he pressed for funds for the wall? On the abuse of power, the Democrats conclude that the president has put forward his personal political concerns to the interests of the country.

On the obstruction to Congress, he is signaled to block Congress's attempts to investigate it.

What happens now? In the impeachment process, it will be a vote in plenary if the political trial is ongoing or not. The most obvious barrier that this historic case has is that when the vote passes to the Senate, the Republican majority – and allies – can protect Trump. This will be known in January.

An expert lawyer in the Constitution explains what follows in the impeachment process.

– Univision News (@UniNoticias) December 10, 2019

"When the president betrays trust and puts himself ahead of the country, he endangers the constitution and democracy and endangers national security," said Jerry Nadler, president of the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives.

Another moment of uncertainty is the party of Mario Estrada, the National Change Union (UCN). This day, the Citizens Registry ordered its cancellation.

This news with a loroco and cream flavor comes as consequences of the investigations against Mario Estrada. In this specific case, anomalies on electoral financing were detected.

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Although the leadership of the party will follow the appeal process, the uncertainty about the 12 deputies who were elected in the last elections, because if the cancellation is firm, neither the name, nor the symbol, nor the emblem can be used .

Moreover, as transfuguism was regulated, they could not join, at least officially, another political party. This will not prevent them from voting in partnership with benches that pursue particular interests.

Mario Estrada is in the United States and faces a drug trafficking process and a conspiracy to favor drug cartels and kill two presidential candidates. This, according to a DEA investigation.



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