Summary Of The Match Chivas Vs América (3-3) Goalshalftime

Summary Of The Match Chivas Vs América (3-3) GOALSHalftime

Akron Stadium, Guadalajara. / 07.11.2022 21:11:56

The Liga MX Femenil will have a new Champion team, as Chivas fell by the wayside by drawing 3-3 with América and leaving the aggregate 6-4, and after a vibrant closing at the Akron Stadium, the Águilas are the first finalist of the Apertura 2022, waiting for a rival that will come out of the Clásico Regio.

Once again, the women from the capital were more than the Sacred Flock, which came out of the Ida Semifinal on Friday at the Azteca Stadium with a 3-1 loss, and had to go with everything at home, things took time to come out and so the Tapatias They left the crown of the Liga MX Femenil, when they were intended to go for the Bichampionship.


Neither being general leaders nor the current Champions served Juan Pablo Alfaro’s team, who will now watch the Final on television, while the Eagles are firm candidates for the title, although at the end of the match they pressed and were nowhere near the miracle.

In an Akron Stadium with the rojiblanco support, Chivas Femenil started badly and at minute 2 there was already a penalty in favor of América, when Blanca Félix made a reckless foul on the Spanish, Andrea Pereira; the whistler, Diana Stephania Pérez Borja scored the maximum penalty thanks to the help of the VAR silent check.

At 4′, Pereira scored from 11 steps to make it 1-0 and increase the difference on the aggregate score to 3.

Chivas tried and at 10′, Carolina Jaramillo fell inside the area due to Kimberly Rodríguez’s foul and a penalty was awarded; Pérez Borja went to the VAR and realized that there was no infraction, so the match continued.

The team from Guadalajara tried and Damaris González made a shot that went over the top at 39′, and at 44′, Alicia Cervantes had a one-on-one, which ended up being won by the goalkeeper, Itzel González, in Guadalajara’s little in the first half.

Starting the second half, Chivas Femenil continued to lie in wait and Cervantes had it at 49′ with a shot that went over the side; The woman from Jalisco still made another shot at 50′, which she put on the Americanist post. The people from Guadalajara arrived, but they did not specify.

Another shot came from Licha that González stayed on, and at 63′, América made the second one that killed the Sacred Flock, when Scarlett Camberos took the ball, entered the area on the left side and left behind Alison González, who with a powerful shot beat Felix to make it 2-0 and increase the aggregate to 5-1.

It wasn’t until minute 67 when Chivas woke up and Adriana Iturbide closed the gap. He made it 2-1 (5-2 overall) from a set piece. Jaramillo charged to the heart of the area, the doctor was there to deflect with her head.

The locals continued and at 82′ they made it 2-2 (5-3) thanks to the score by Gabriela Valenzuela, who received a pass from Licha inside the area and with her head gave Chivas Femenil a lot of life, who were going for 2 goals in the final part of the match,

The duel had life left, and things got even hotter when at 85′ a penalty was awarded in favor of Chivas Femenil, this for a handball by Sabrina Enciso; It was when the ball was taken by Licha, she charged it to the right of the América goal and thus put the aggregate 5-4. The “yes you can, yes you can” appeared, as Chivas needed one more goal to be a finalist and continue with the dream.

The dream collapsed at 92′ when Kiana Palacios scored the third for the Eagles. He received inside the area from behind, turned around with everything and scored and released the shot to beat Felix and kill Chivas’ little life.



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