Supreme Court of the United States refuses to cancel the ban on "bump stocks"

Supreme Court Of The United States Refuses To Cancel The Ban On “bump Stocks”

Washington – The US Supreme Court on Monday refused to override the ban on bump stocks, the device that increases the power of a semi-automatic rifle.

The highest court refrained from reviewing the decision of a lower instance that ratified the ban, in effect for a year. The magistrates offered no comment.

President Donald Trump had promised to push the ban on bump stocks, the accessory used by the author of the Las Vegas massacre on October 1, 2017 to convert semi-automatic rifles into fully automatic weapons. By using that device, which allows firing faster, the author of the massacre was able to make more than 1,000 bullets in 11 minutes. In total 58 people died and hundreds were injured.


The Trump administration’s move was a complete turnaround with respect to a decision by the Barack Obama administration, which in 2010 determined that this type of accessory was legal. Trump administration officials reevaluated the assessment and determined that the previous decision was wrong. The prohibition implies that every owner of this type of self-timer destroys it or delivers it to the authorities.

The ban sparked resistance from gun-holding activists, including groups that had filed the lawsuit in Washington, D.C., and whose appeal was rejected on Monday. The Trump administration, which otherwise has a reputation for supporting gun ownership by civilians, had argued that the court should not take up the case.



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