Sweet Mary: The Images Of Your Wedding That You Had Not Seen

Sweet Mary: the images of her wedding that you had not seen. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

After just over 2 years of dating, the former RBD, Dulce María, married producer Paco Álvarez in an intimate wedding to which few had access, due to the secrecy with which it was carried out. However, TVNotas magazine spread the images of your wedding that you had not seen.

After the scandal that the couple experienced in accusing a garden of fraud events, and then being accused of the same by the same company, finally Dulce María and Paco Álvarez said yes, I accept, and now they are husband and wife.


His secret wedding

But how was your wedding? Who was present? According to the magazine, the wedding between the former RBD was carried out intimately, only with family and close friends, with whom they shared the most important day of their lives.

However, the great absent were, precisely, his former teammates, who, despite having been invited (almost all), none attended, excusing himself from his professional commitments on that date.

Anahí, who will become a mother for the second time, was the only one of the RBD who sent her congratulations through one of her Instagram stories.

"Congratulations, Dulce María. May it be a life full of joy and may God bless the family that begins today," Anahí published after the wedding.

Days before the wedding, Poncho Herrera, former partner of the pop band and former partner of Dulce María, was questioned by the press about whether he would attend the marriage bond of his ex, but acknowledged that he was not even aware. Still, he congratulated him on his marriage.

New images emerge

After the singer's wedding, sporadic photographs of the event began to emerge, in which we could see details such as the beautiful dress she wore, as well as her first waltz as husband and wife.

With these new, more emotional images, you can see how Dulce María entered her father's arm at the temple where she would marry Paco, as well as the tender kisses that the couple gave, while they were dancing the waltz.

In one of their funniest moments, the couple, together with their guests, danced the traditional viper of the sea, where each guest was given a shot of a drink.

From the artistic medium, only her friends Sherlyn and Zoraida Gómez attended, according to TvNotas, in her latest issue.

Without a doubt, one day that will remain engraved in the memory of both, as well as that of their fans, who expect more details than was their secret wedding.