Syria Says It Has Responded To Missile Attack Since The Occupied Golan

Syria said today that it has responded to an attack with missiles fired from the Golan occupied by Israel and that it was directed against Damascus without so far victims have been confirmed. “Our anti-aircraft defenses are responding to a battery of hostile missiles from the occupied Golan for Israel, “state agency SANA. reported. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said several explosions have been heard in areas of the capital and the countryside as a result of a bombardment against enclaves of Iranian militias around Damascus airport. The anti-aircraft defenses responded to several objectives, the source added. On February 14, a missile attack presumably from Israel killed seven people, including four Iranian officers, according to the Observatory, who fell in the immediate vicinity of Damascus airport The attacks have been happening in recent months. On the 6th in another bombing, at least 23 pro-Iranian militiamen and members of the Syrian troops died, according to the same NGO. In November in a selective attack in Damascus attributed to Israel, which did not confirm the operation, the leader of the armed arm of the Islamic Jihad, Akram al Ajuri. The Israeli authorities consider Iran as a staunch enemy, and the Iranian Islamic Republic is one of the main allies of the Syrian government of President Bachar al Asad. The Syrian Government, for its part, has urged the UN on numerous occasions to take measures to deter Israel and prevent it from repeating these attacks.