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Voices From Ground Zero Of The Conflict In Ukraine: "I Lived In The Basement For Two Years"

Tension between Ukraine and Russia has increased in recent days amid the mobilization of troops on the front line. Since…

1 week ago

The Turkish MP Sentenced To Prison For His Tweets In Favor Of The Resolution Of The Kurdish Conflict: "The Government Has Renounced Reason"

In Turkey, posting tweets betting on peace and the end of the conflict with the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) -…

1 month ago

Democratic Republic Of The Congo: a People Who Yearn For Change In The Face Of An Ongoing Conflict

The eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo is the battlefield of a dirty war in which looting has largely replaced…

2 months ago

Controversy In Peru Over a Macro-trial Against Shining Path 20 Years After The End Of The Armed Conflict

Nora Osco and her partner had managed to fall asleep. After a while, she heard what sounded like a knock…

2 months ago

"Little Rigor" Y "risk Of Conflict Of Interest" On BlackRock’s Contract With The European Commission To Advise On Green Rules For Banks

April 8, 2020. The European Commission concludes its public tender to prepare a study on how to integrate environmental, social…

5 months ago

Keys To International Law To Understand The Conflict Between Turkey, Greece And Cyprus In The Mediterranean

Last weekend Turkey issued a message through the Navtex maritime communication system in which it warned that one of its…

8 months ago

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