Maximum Tension In Peru: a Tight Count, Accusations Of Fraud Without Evidence And a Jail Request For Fujimori

Peru has been experiencing a situation of maximum tension since the second round of the presidential elections, held on June…

2 weeks ago

Candidate Pedro Castillo Overtakes Fujimori And Leads a Tight Official Count In The Peruvian Elections

Pedro Castillo has turned around the official count of the elections in Peru and has advanced the conservative candidate Keiko…

2 weeks ago

Illan Pappé, Israeli Historian: "We Can Count The Days Until The Next Cycle Of Violence"

Illán Pappé is Professor of History at the University of Exeter, UK, co-director of the Exeter Center for Ethnopolitical Studies,…

1 month ago

Biden Approaches The White House In a Tight Count That Has Already Lasted More Than Three Days

You have a handful of votes left. After more than 140 million ballots have been counted, the presidency of the…

8 months ago

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