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Ana Benítez, Researcher: "Illegal Hunting Is a Multibillion Dollar Business Comparable To Drug Or Arms Trafficking"

The cases of natural park rangers killed by rebel groups around the world are a sad reality. Among the victims…

2 weeks ago

The United States Detains El Chapo’s Wife, Accused Of Drug Trafficking

The United States detained Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of Mexican drug trafficker Joaquín "el Chapo" Guzmán, accused of involvement…

3 months ago

Dancer Rafael Amargo Arrested For Criminal Organization And Drug Trafficking

The dancer Rafael Amargo was arrested this Tuesday for the alleged crimes of criminal organization and drug trafficking in an…

6 months ago

The European Commission Authorizes The Marketing Of Remdesivir, The Drug To Treat COVID-19

The European Commission (EC) authorized on Friday the use of the drug Remdesivir to treat the coronavirus, after the European…

11 months ago

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