The ‘Sofagate’ Or How Erdogan’s Macho Protocol With The President Of The European Commission Makes a Dent In The Heart Of The EU

Some people think that what is difficult to understand and manage is that the European Union has so many institutions,…

2 months ago

Sibila Sotomayor, Author Of The Chilean Feminist Anthem: "The Macho Leftists Have Called Us Fascists"

"Subversion immersed in beauty is revolution", write LasTesis. The collective formed by Chilean artists Dafne Valdés, Sibila Sotomayor, Paula Cometa…

3 months ago

Portugal Paints Its Lips Red Against The Macho Comments Of The Ultra-right Leader

Just nine days before the general elections in Portugal, André Ventura, candidate for President of the Republic for the far-right…

5 months ago

Ocasio-Cortez Responds To The Macho Insults Of a Congressman: “Having a Daughter Does Not Make a Man Decent. Treating People With Dignity And Respect, Yes”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has taken advantage of her speech this Tuesday in the United States Congress to make a feminist argument…

11 months ago

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