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White House Communication Director Resigns

Washington - The White House communications director, Alyssa Farah, announced her resignation on Thursday, which apparently has nothing to do…

51 mins ago

Can Trump Preemptively Pardon His Allies Or Himself? We Explain The Powers To Grant Clemency

Can Trump preemptively pardon his allies or himself? We explain the powers to grant clemency READ MORE NEWS

2 hours ago

US Department Of Justice Bans Access To Trump Aide

Washington - The Justice Department has barred the official who serves as the eyes and ears of President Donald Trump…

4 hours ago

Biden Will Ask For 100 Days Of Mask As Part Of His First Actions As President

Washington - Joe Biden reported Thursday that he will ask Americans to commit to wearing a mask for 100 days…

5 hours ago

Joe Biden Faces Tough Decisions Regarding Wall Construction On Mexico Border

Los Ébanos, Texas - The US government has been trying to take over Pamela Rivas' land to build a border…

7 hours ago

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Will Not Hear Trump’s Lawsuit Against The Electoral Result In The State

Madison, Wisconsin - The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday refused to hear a lawsuit by President Donald Trump against the…

8 hours ago

The Appointment Of a Special Prosecutor To Investigate The Russian Investigation Will Hinder The Transition Process In Federal Justice

Washington - The decision by outgoing US Justice Department Secretary William Barr to appoint a special counsel to look into…

10 hours ago

Biden’s Seven Most Important Relationships With Congress

What will Biden do in his first 100 days in office? 2:20 (CNN) - The majority of Republicans in Congress…

12 hours ago

Quién Es Moncef Slaoui, El Demócrata Al Que Donald Trump Le Confió El Desarrollo De Las Vacunas Contra El Coronavirus En EEUU

El presidente de los EEUU, Donald Trump, sacó del retiro al ex ejecutivo de GSK, Moncef Slaoui, especialista en vacunas,…

16 hours ago

Donald Trump Could Sign a Series Of Controversial Pardons Before Leaving The Presidency

Washington, DC - Activists and lawyers are hoping that US President Donald Trump will sign a string of pardons that…

19 hours ago

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