Conservatives Would Prefer Ron DeSantis Over Donald Trump As President By 2024 – Telemundo Washington DC (44)

MIAMI - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis surpasses former President Donald Trump as the main presidential candidate for the 2024 elections,…

3 days ago

Trump’s Strangest Phrases In An Interview With Sean Hannity On Fox

Trump emails shown to invalidate the elections 1:17 (CNN) - Once out of office and after shutting down his groundbreaking…

4 days ago

Many In The US Live An Alternative Reality, Along With Trump

For a few hours this past weekend, thousands of Donald Trump supporters gathered in a field under the intense Wisconsin…

5 days ago

Obamacare Still In Force: What’s Next For The ACA Health Law? Will Republicans Keep Attacking Obamacare? | Univision Politics News

A new Supreme Court decision maintains the Affordable Care Act promoted by former Democratic President Barack Obama, which will allow…

6 days ago

What Is Known About The Autobiography That Donald Trump Will Publish – Revista Semana

What is known about the autobiography that Donald Trump will publish in Semana Magazine READ MORE WAB NEWS

6 days ago

Donald Trump Will Have a Book From His Presidency

The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but the publisher of the book said that "it will be…

1 week ago

This Means The Supreme Court Ruling On The Health Care Act

Obamacare numbers after 10 years 1:11 (CNN) - The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, still stands, with the…

1 week ago

Bin Laden’s Niece, Another Staunch Supporter Of Donald Trump

7 hours agoNoor bin Ladin, niece of the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, protested at the Biden-Putin summit with a…

1 week ago

The Program That Protects “dreamers” From Deportation

Harris to celebrate the 9th anniversary of DACA 1:06 on Tuesday (Source CNN) - The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals…

1 week ago

Donald Trump Announces Visit To The “lawless” Border Between The US And Mexico – Semana

Donald Trump announces visit to the “lawless” border between the US and Mexico Semana READ MORE WAB NEWS

1 week ago

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