El "rey De Los Hipermercados" De Brasil, Acusado De Mantener Durante Décadas Una Trama De Abuso Sexual De Menores

Una historia de violencia sexual en la infancia marcó para siempre la vida de Karina Lopes Carvalhal. A los nueve…

2 months ago

Scotland’s Prime Minister "lied" In The Sexual Harassment Investigation Against His Predecessor, According To Parliament

The Scottish Parliament committee that has investigated how complaints of sexual harassment were handled against the former prime minister of…

3 months ago

The Governor Of New York, In The Tightrope By The Accusations Of Sexual Harassment And The Concealment Of Data On The Pandemic

A year ago, at the outbreak of the pandemic, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, was a constant presence,…

4 months ago

The Teacher Convicted Of Sexual Abuse At The Gaztelueta School Of Opus Dei Avoids Entering Jail

The Audience of Bizkaia has decided this Monday that the teacher of the Gaztelueta de Leioa school José María Martínez…

7 months ago

A US Judge Knocks Down a Million Dollar Agreement Between Weinstein And Dozens Of Women For Sexual Harassment

A federal judge on Tuesday overturned a preliminary $ 25 million civil settlement between Harvey Weinstein, his former film company,…

11 months ago

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