Maximum Tension In Peru: a Tight Count, Accusations Of Fraud Without Evidence And a Jail Request For Fujimori

Peru has been experiencing a situation of maximum tension since the second round of the presidential elections, held on June…

2 weeks ago

Soldiers’ Deployment And Internet Access Cuts Increase Tension In Myanmar

The military junta that has taken power in Myanmar has cut the internet this morning for the second night in…

4 months ago

Deputies Of PSOE, PP, United We Can, Citizens And Bildu Congratulate The Year In a Joint Video To Reduce Tension

Five deputies from different parties with representation in Congress —PSOE, PP, United We Can, Ciudadanos and Bildu— have participated in…

6 months ago

The Keys To What Is Happening In Wisconsin: Trump Takes Advantage Of Racial Tension To Launch Himself For a Key State In The Elections

Last Sunday, August 23, it happened again. Police in Kenosha, a city of 100,000 in southern Wisconsin, shot 29-year-old Jacob…

10 months ago

The Tension Between Central And Territorial Governments Complicates The Management Of De-escalation In Europe

The coronavirus strike is symmetrical in the sense that it is a worldwide pandemic. But it is not affecting, at…

1 year ago

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