Talina Fernández Remembers Mariana Levy, 15 Years After Her Death

‘The Lady of Good Saying’ told how the precise moment was when she found out that her daughter had suffered a heart attack.

Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the death of Mariana Levy , victim of a sudden heart attack, while going to an amusement park in the company of her husband José María Fernández The Pirru; Maria , who would celebrate her eight birthday, her brothers and friends. Before reaching their destination, they suffered an assault attempt and such was the fear of the actress, that her heart failed.


His mom, Talina Fernández , remembers her daughter and honors her memory every day. This 2020 offered an interview to George The Donkey Van rankin, for the morning program Today, in which he told where he was and how he found out about the death of Mariana, 15 years ago, which continues to cause him a lot of pain.

Remembered The Lady of Good Saying, who shared that the first thing he did when arriving at the site was ask for Mariana: “A nurse tells me it was on the floor. It was there because The Pirru, after the assault, he puts her on the ground and they try to revive her. “Despite the fact that it was a heart attack that ended the actress’ life, Talina said she was not sick.

Fernandez gave details of what they lived Levy and those who were with her in the van: ‘She saw a man come with a gun, she brought the car full of children and then she got off, she ran with a policeman who was at the door of a building and said:’ We they are going to assault ‘; runs back and says to The Pirru: ‘I’m going to pass out’, and she falls dead. “

In another interview for The fat and the skinny, Talina He assured that he is still in mourning: “The pain never ends. There are very hard times and there are others in which reality and day to day are taking you happy, but suddenly you remember and then it comes back very strong. I imagine it as if It was yesterday, I feel her close to me and I remember her with her children, with her happy life. “