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Black Friday, is a unique date to take advantage of the best discounts. Black Friday is your opportunity to buy what you most want for a cheaper price than the rest of the year. You only need an Internet connection and review the information we share in this note. Black Friday has become in recent years one of the essential dates of world trade. The campaign characterized by offering the best discounts of the year will take place this Friday, November 29.

We know as Black Friday the day that begins the Christmas shopping season in the United States. It takes place one day after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Historically, some have attributed the name to the day when businesses managed to change the red numbers to black. Others, however, say it has its origin in the 70's, when The New York Times on November 19, 1975 used the adjective "black" to refer to vehicular chaos and people that had occurred that year in the city due to the discounts of the day after Thanksgiving.

However, we can say that in the United States, Black Friday offers tend to start long before that. They begin unofficially on November 1 of each year, with some of the best deals that take place on Thanksgiving week. But it is some retailers that are beginning to offer advances on Black Friday offers. The Black Friday offers that can be obtained now are very good, but we know that prices will fall even more in the coming weeks. So, if you can afford to wait, we recommend it.


Target is known for offering some of the best Black Friday deals, and it makes sense. After all, the retailer's slogan is "Wait more, pay less." With a full Black Friday ad that offers great discounts on products in all departments of the store, it is not surprising that Target is one of the preferred stores for the biggest Shopping Day of the year.

Where to buy? Your Best Choice is Target! Target and its sales success is a discount retail store that has long demonstrated its growth and the success it has achieved with its brand positioning. (Photo: Pinterest)

With more than 1,750 stores in the United States, Target Corporation ranks second to Walmart in a highly competitive market. The changes in decoration and design of Target stores provide an improved shopping experience along with efforts in stores and external marketing efforts.

Target offers in this Black friday 2019 are much better than last year. These Black Friday offers, begin much earlier and as always, it is not surprising that this year Target is one of the best stores to buy on Black Friday.

How to buy at Target Being the most successful Target Corporation competes directly against discount retail vendors, especially Walmart and Kmart. (Photo: CNet) First step: If you do not have an account, it is recommended that you create one and then you can also receive discount coupons. Once you have created it, you will be logged in and you will be able to browse the categories looking for the product you want to buy. Second step: Once you get the product you want, you will have two options, choose to pick it up in the store or send it to your address , once you choose the best option for you, select it and move on to the next step. Third step: Once you choose the option for you, it will take you to another window where you will verify the option you chose, once it agrees with what you want, select the option “ready to check out.” Fourth step: In this step you will select the payment method with which you want to pay and go. Remain alone or wait for your order to arrive at the address you provided or to withdraw directly from the store. Target Discounts in Target

The giant chain of stores has discounts on phones, headphones and smart watches for this Black Friday.

In this Black Friday Target has promised to have great deals for its customers. (Photo: Sheknows) The discounts for this Black friday 2019 are much better than last year. (Photo: Tecnoticias)

Seasonal: In this category you can find a variety of products from different seasons, such as Christmas to decorate, school supplies for back to school and more.

Home: In this category you can find everything related to furniture and furnishings, towels, carpets, lamps, garden furniture, kitchen accessories and shelves.

Clothing and accessories: In this category you can find pajamas, jeans, children's clothes, t-shirts and a variety of garments.

Electronics: In this category you can find everything related to portable audio and video devices, headphones, computers, car electronics and vehicles, TVs, accessories and supplies, cameras, cell phones and more. Without doubt one of the most sought after categories on this day of offers. The brands you will find are Samsung, Apple, Sony, Lg, Bossé, Panasonic among others.

Toys: In this category, you will find from toys for the little ones such as board games for all ages, such as Monopoly, Jenga, Scrabble, Twister, Risk, Boogle among others. Ideal for gifts or to buy and have them at home to have a good time with family or friends.

Personal care: In this category, you will find articles such as fragrances of different brands, articles and products for hair care, products and articles for skin care and makeup. No doubt this is the special category for ladies, as well as for those boys who are looking for a product for personal use or as a gift.