Tatiana Suffers Facial Paralysis And Publishes Video

Tatiana suffers facial paralysis and publishes video. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

The queen of children surprised all her followers by announcing through her social networks the terrible health problem that recently affected her. Tatiana suffers facial paralysis and publishes video, and with visibly affected face, worries her fans.

In spite of this, Tatiana, when giving the news of her facial paralysis, was always optimistic and with a lot of positivism, without forgetting her characteristic smile, which calmed her admirers and loved ones a little.


The problem affected half of his face that apparently lost part of his performance, although, like the great artist he is, he emphasized that "the show must continue."

"Tatifans and friends, I have to record this video because I have always been transparent with you, I have told you everything that has happened in my life and more, and if this can help someone, then take it into account," he began The strong video.

"He gave me facial paralysis yesterday, getting off the plane because of the low defenses, I didn't get enough sleep, the artist's life and the weather change …" Tatiana said in the video.

In spite of her condition, the queen of the children took the event with a lot of humor and optimism, and even laughed at it, in addition, she pointed out that it is something temporary.

"He gave me facial paralysis but it will soon be taken away, thanks for your love and as my song says" Smile, smile "(Even if it's on your side)," he said.

As expected, his Instagram account was flooded with thousands of messages in which he wished him the best, and await his speedy recovery, in addition to expressing his love and that, despite the effects of facial paralysis, he followed Looking beautiful

That is why you are the queen friend, apart from your professionalism, your attitude towards life is what makes you unique! Tq and we give you a big hug ”,“ Beautiful, always seeing the good and humorous side of things, this is temporary, it's another test that you're going to date with 100! Much, much health, the best good vibes ”, were some of the messages they wrote.