Teams Call On Their Players To Get Ready

The organizations have told their players to prepare and get in shape according to MLB sources.

According to ESPN journalist Jeff Passan, through his Twitter account he communicated that the organizations of the Major Leagues have informed their players that they are ready and prepared to return to the Big Show.

As we had already anticipated, the MLB in the coming days will make a proposal to the players union to start Spring Training in June and the campaign in early July.


In addition, he indicated that several players are working in the complexes of the organizations or in their houses to stay ready for the Elderly.

Teams are telling players to get ready and get in shape. MLB is expected to send a return-to-play proposal to the union soon. The gears for baseball’s return are starting to turn – but significant hurdles remain for it to become a reality. News at ESPN:

– Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) May 7, 2020



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