Technology Applied To Mobility And The Pandemic Stand Out At The CES Fair

LAS VEGAS, USA — Technological innovations applied to mobility and the fight against COVID-19 captured the attention of those attending the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, the world’s largest technology fair. CES, which drew thousands of people to Las Vegas after being suspended by the pandemic last year, is being held in a hybrid fashion and will end on Friday, a day earlier than originally planned. High-end electric future Electric and autonomous cars captured much of the attention at the event. Big companies like Sony and Samsung are looking to compete in Tesla’s market. High-end cars like the $3 million Bugatti Chiron are also going electric. “Electrification is definitely the big trend right now. It’s been the same for the last two years, but the difference now is that a lot of these products are actually coming to market,” tech car expert Tim Stevens told the Times. Reuters agency. A color for every moment In addition to the move to electricity, other companies also took the opportunity to show other types of technological innovations in their automotive products. The German automotive company BMW presented the BMW iX Flow, which uses electronic ink to transform the color of the exterior of the car. car. With this, the driver can adapt the exterior of a vehicle to different situations and individual wishes. In addition to the purely aesthetic aspect, this technology has useful advantages for the user, explained Stella Clarke, representative of BMW to the . “Useful information such as battery status or [datos] carpooling abroad. You can also influence the reflection of sunlight, and turn the car black on cold winter days,” Clarke explained. Zero emission flying car The Japanese startup SkyDrive presented one of the most ambitious models: a zero emission flying car. “We’re here to bring flying cars to the masses,” said Mark Blackwell, strategy manager for the company that produces the ST03, the prototype on display at the show, and the ST05, due for release in 2025. “This The model integrates eight motors and eight sets of batteries”, explained Maxwell, who assured that since 2020 the company has carried out tests with a human driver inside the vehicle. The idea of ​​the ST05, which will be presented at the World Expo in Osaka, Japan, is to become an “air taxi”, driven by a trained pilot and able to transport users to their destinations. New tools against COVID The issue of the fight against COVID-19 is also a central theme at CES 2022, with filters to disinfect the air or detect the pathogen, hi-tech masks to eliminate the risk of getting infected, and also a tool that can detect if a person is positive for COVID in 5 seconds and with an accuracy of almost 100%. It is a mask that is placed on the user’s face, who must blow so that the gadget can detect if there are coronavirus particles in their breath. The product has not yet hit the market and is in the process of being reviewed by the FDA, Conrad Bessemer, of the company Opteev Technologies, told the . “2022 is the year we must learn to figure out how to get ahead of COVID-19. There is no way to get over it. There is no way to stop this. So how do we live with that? That’s what it’s all about,” Bessemer said. * With the collaboration of Alejandra Arredondo, from Washington DC. Connect with the ! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and activate notifications, or follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter

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