Teen Murders An Old Man To Steal His Car And Visit His Girlfriend

Louisa, Virginia – A teenager was accused of having entered a home in Virginia, killing an 82-year-old man and injuring his wife in order to steal the couple's car to visit his girlfriend.

News media reported that the boy, 16, appeared before the court on Wednesday via video. He was arrested Tuesday on charges that include first-degree murder and aggravated intentional damage, hours after the attack on Roger Wood Payne Jr. and Nancy Payne.

The teenager's name was not publicly disclosed. Prosecutor Rusty McGuire submitted a request for the child to be prosecuted as an adult.


Prosecutors said the teenager visited the Payne twice on Tuesday, and returned with a shotgun. They indicated that Nancy Payne, 73, survived by pretending she had died.

They added that the child was looking for a car to visit his girlfriend at the University of Lynchburg. He was arrested before arriving at his destination.

His father, Andre Dickerson, told WVIR-TV that his son had not been "acting well" in recent weeks.

“I talked to people and their probation supervisor and told them that I could detect that something was not right with their voice. And I begged them for help, you know, send it somewhere, ”said Dickerson. “I still have many questions, you know? This is not my son, I know it's not him. That is, he is known as someone who helps others. ”

Prosecutors said the teenager took the couple's cell phones and ordered them to go to the train tracks behind their home. Roger Payne was shot in the face and died. It is not clear where Nancy Payne was injured, but prosecutors said she could shortly afterwards go to a neighbor's house and ask for help.

The child must appear before the court again on November 26. He is being held without bail.

Nancy Payne underwent surgery and remains hospitalized. It is expected to undergo more operations. Her husband's body was sent to a coroner for an autopsy.