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Telemedicine, a Modality That Is Here To Stay

Until a few years ago, teleconsultation was considered part of “the medicine of the future”, almost a utopia. Today, the provision of remote medical services, through digital communication systems, is presented as a safe option, used by doctors and patients to prevent possible infections.

Likewise, it is a system that allows us to continue in permanent contact with our patients, even during a health emergency situation such as the one we are experiencing at the moment. The applications that we recommend for this new form of care are DoqChat and ProApp, which enable more fluid communication with patients.

The main characteristic of this modality is that it does not require the physical presence of people, who will be able to attend the consultation virtually, from the comfort of their homes. Despite not being able to check the body directly, it is possible to observe some injuries and manifestations through the screen, such as a post-surgical wound, as well as prevent and improve certain conditions.

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On the other hand, many health-related companies have made quality information available to the community to help patients who are undergoing a rehabilitation process and also to answer questions or queries from those who are not yet encouraged to undergo a treatment or surgery. For example, MED-EL- a leading company in hearing solutions-, developed the Back to Listen initiative, a site intended to offer information about the different solutions that exist for each type of hearing loss and the opinion of prestigious professionals, in addition to various testimonies of users of cochlear implants, to encourage those who are in a decision process.

Is telemedicine here to stay?

Many wonder if telemedicine is only an answer to the current context or if, on the contrary, it is a trend that will survive over time and will be perfected, transforming our way of linking and communicating.

For my part, I believe that this type of medical attention will be more and more common. Little by little, patients and professionals are getting used to and recognize all the benefits of the new form of care. Like any process that is just beginning, telemedicine has some limitations that can be overcome with time and practice.

In this way, a person who presents with a common flu picture could be treated virtually, avoiding further complications in their health and the spread of infectious pictures in the rest of the community.

Doctor from the Austral University and specialist in Otorhinolaryngology. He completed his training with a rotation in the Neurosurgery, Neck, Nose and Ear Service at the City Hospital of Würzburg, Germany. Otologist doctor of the IORL Arauz and referent of MED-EL.


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