TELLING THE FACTS – Donald Trump Innocent?

The only article of the indictment of the House of Representatives of the US Congress to Donald Trump reads: “Incitement to insurrection” asking his followers to march towards the Capitol building.

Several months before the election, Trump had said and emphatically repeated that the only way for him to lose the election was if it turned out to be fraudulent. That is, he had been sowing in the minds of his followers that the only way that they could lose with him was through fraud. The first major reaction to this was produced by former Trump Security Adviser, retired General Michael Flynn, when in a public statement he suggested to Trump that he had the option of launching the National Guard into the streets and imposing martial law. . When you analyze Trump’s speech exhorting his followers on January 6 to march to the Capitol and hear different testimonies from the assailants admitting that they were in the activity motivated by Trump, there seems to be no doubt that the accusation had a lot of foundation .

The first group of lawyers appointed by Trump to defend him at trial resigned because they disagreed with the electoral fraud arguments. The second group based their defense on the fact that it was unconstitutional to try their client when he was no longer head of state. That premise fell when the Senate voted to declare that process constitutional.


The position of the leader of the Republicans in the Senate Mitch McConnell is questioned, because when he led his caucus he voted “not guilty” to exonerate him, while informally declared him responsible and guilty of everything he was accused of, adding that for those reasons could be taken to the courts of ordinary justice, since judging him by Congress, according to him, was unconstitutional.

In the meantime, President Biden has stepped aside, in his attempt at reconciliation with the Republican Party, in search of more harmonious governance.

The great divide in American society today is obvious. It is in the lap of the Republican Party whether to continue with Trump as its banner, taking advantage of its great charisma or to put it aside if the weaknesses of the judicial problems, ahead, make it a very heavy burden.



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