Ten Years Later, Chará Brothers Play Again Together

PORTLAND, OR, USA (AP) – If they did not occupy different positions, it would be difficult to distinguish the Chará brothers on the pitch. Diego and his younger brother Yimmi are playing together in the same club for the second time in their careers after the youngest joined the Portland Timbers The two made headlines in the opening game of the season last weekend. Diego, a 33-year-old flyer, has been with the Timbers since April 2011, the year the team joined the MLS MLS. Yimmi, 28, forward by the flanks, was hired in January. “It’s a dream. We had the opportunity to play together ten years ago in the same club in Colombia. Now we can do it again. It’s amazing, ”said Diego, who already played with Yimmi in Tolima Sports. “I think Yimmi is a great addition.” Los Caleños are not the only pair of brothers who play for the same club in MLS this season: Nicholas and Gabriel Slonina do it with the Chicago Fire, but they were not yet on the court together , unlike the Chará. In total there have been 15 cases of brothers who play in the same club in the history of the league, including Stephen and Chris Wondolowski, the latter the top scorer in the history of the league. The Timbers Gavin Wilkinson discovered the Chará during a trip in search of talent about ten years ago. Both come from a family of soccer players. His father Jesus and another older brother, Felipe, 39, also played professionally. Wilkinson said that Yimmi interested him from the outset, but that he could not acquire it for a number of factors. That probably cost “a lot of money” to the owner of the Merritt Paulson team, he said jokingly, “Yimmi is an experienced player who has had a lot, a lot of success in international competitions and with important clubs,” he said. “He has traveled a lot, he knows what his brother has in this club and in this city, and he wants the same for him.” Diego, a fiery flyer much loved by the fans, is the only player who has been with the Timbers more than eight seasons.It is the one who has played the most matches with that currency (263) and the one who most often left the holder (260). He is also second in MLS in fouls (638) and third in reprimands (80). “Having another Chará is amazing. Especially with other attributes, other qualities, but the same base, ”said Portland coach Giovanni Savarese. “It’s nice to see the speed with which both have understood each other and the respect that Yimmi earned immediately, after everything Diego did” for the team. Yimmi Chara played the last two seasons at Atlético Mineiro of Brazil. He played ten games with the Colombian national team and was on the preliminary list of 35 players for the World Cup in Russia, but in the end he was not on the final squad. “To begin with, he is a versatile player, which is very good,” he said Save yourself. “He has incredible attributes both in attack and defense.” His reunion did not yield a good result: The Timbers fell 3-1 against Minnesota. But anyway the game was something special for the brothers. “We commented a couple of days before of the encounter. How we would feel going out on the court together, with the fans, ”said Diego Chará. “It was a phenomenal thing.”