Tenoch Huerta’s Comment On The Coronavirus That Generated Controversy

The Mexican actor divided netizens by ensuring that the virus was imported by people who have the economic capacity to travel abroad.

This Thursday, the actor Tenoch Huerta became a trend in social networks after posting on Twitter that the coronavirus it had spread in Mexico due to the irresponsibility of “people with the economic capacity to travel.”


The actor explained that it seems unfair that people with fewer economic resources are asked to isolate themselves and stop their economic activity when Mexicans who were abroad did not take precautions.

“The virus is imported by people with the economic capacity to travel and who ask for everything to be closed to stop economic activity, affecting those who live daily. What if they had voluntarily isolated themselves for three weeks so as not to spread it? Or should only the poor be responsible? “

The actor’s opinion obtained dozens of messages of support, but also criticism. Despite them, the actor continued to defend his position.

Faced with controversy, media figures such as the actor Mauricio Martinez they also raised their voices. Mauricio posted that the actor’s words could read resentment and incited the division of opinions, which could be considered a kind of classism.

“That speech is, although it sounds strong, one of resentment. You can’t go through life looking for culprits. The virus does not choose social classes, Tenoch, with all due respect, don’t suck. Then do not go through life complaining that you have been stereotyped, “said the actor, who, although he deleted his first tweet, continued with the debate on networks and even pointed out that Tenoch Huerta earns more than the average Mexican, so his message I had a double speech.

“I understand the controversy of the tweet. It is nothing against anyone, but the truth is that those who came from risky areas were able to take precautions; how unfortunate they are sick. But asking that the economy stop affects those who live daily and it is not fair, ”he said.