Terrible Accident! The Worst Moment In Oprah Winfrey’s Life What Happened To Her?

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most viewed and beloved artists of all television in the United States, is recognized as one of the most important presenters of today.

Its programs are among the most followed in North America and its convening power is immense. Now Oprah It has been for a moment that he will never want to repeat again. Related News And being that in one of his benefits Winfrey has lost his balance and has gone from mouth to the floor, this has left everyone present speechless.

It will be OK? The truth is that in social networks the exact moment has begun to circulate when the American falls to the floor before the look of astonishment and concern of many followers.In a video that has almost 30 thousand reproductions you can see the famous one in the middle from the stage when he takes a few steps, he loses his balance and remains on the ground.


According to reports, there could be if the heel of her shoes what made the actress fall. The most incredible thing is that from the floor he took the microphone and continued as if the presentation nothing.

In her Instagram account, the driver showed herself a little sore from the fall and it looks like in her lower right limb she has a kind of rehabilitation tape.